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Goods include youth fashion, including mostly women’s wear, shoes and accessories. If you know what you’re looking for, you can be in and out in 20 minutes. Pro-tip: Naturally, the ground floor stalls get the most foot traffic, simply by virtue of the fact that people walk in, spot what they want right away, and make their purchase.There are fewer shops here compared to the other markets around town, but the goods are selected with more care and are competitively priced. But you'll save money if you exercise more patience. But make sure to have a price in mind first and wait as absolutely long as possible before even mentioning a number. Once you decide to start though, shoot for 10 percent of the asking price.

Tailors are cheap (men’s suit for RMB650), but you have other dedicated markets, such as South Bund Fabric Market for that purpose.The Stuff AP offers an array of apparel as well as souvenirs. Chanel leather clutches should start from RMB250, bigger Luis Vuitton bags from RMB500 (synthetic leather). Back in the market proper, pick up a pair of knockoff sneakers in every color and print for RMB100 or less.So if you're looking for China gifts, this is a good place to start. There’s also a huge range of sunglasses, from classic aviators to trendy oval frames and vibrant colored shades.From the latest female fashion to knockoff sportswear, men’s jeans, fake couture bags, children’s toys, sneakers and cheap cosmetics, Qipu Lu is the best option for a shopping spree into the style . The next few floors stock the latest women’s and men’s wear.The Stuff Inventory here skews more toward the female shopper. A new wardrobe from their discounted rack: Chinese, day-glow, no-name brand sneakers, RMB25; Chinese-style socks and underwear, RMB10; skinny jeans (remember, China sizes only), RMB40; graphic tees printed with hilarious English verbiage, RMB30; springtime leather jackets, RMB95. The next floor: kidswear and often household appliances.