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Still the notion of a suicide by the daughter of a mother who killed herself gives the story a special darkness.

There isn’t much humor in , despite its title, although a ‘going away’ party offered by and for another guest, Mr.

Resistance to the subect matter may be easier overcome in northern Europe than elsewhere.

Ines (Vikander) and Emilie (Green) meet each other at an airport, after years of separation.

The dancers, with red cowboy hats, seem borrowed from a wild show for American soldiers in seeks to be soothing as well as honest, and gets part of the way.It’s clear that no one is really ready to go as these dying head into their epicurean final days. Ines and Emilie have tensions between them which are uncomfortably alive, and Langseth’s script is a gnawing reminder that, even when the date of death is set, family quarrels and resentments can still be corrosive.DP Rob Hardy gives the drama an urbane look, whether he’s moving through the lush green of the forest park or capturing the young women in close-ups.It's not suitable for office wear or daytime at all in hot weather, it's way too strong and too sexy for that and could easily become overpowering when it's hot. It's definitely a more woody smell once the top notes are gone.It's the perfect fragrance for an evening date, having cocktails out with your friends or a cold winter day. I don't smell as much of the florals, thankfully, because I don't like florals. I got this in a gift CK set and it was the only perfume I liked!