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Ten years later, Ally is a student at New York University, and lives with her father, Neil, a New York Police Department detective.Tyler Hawkins audits classes at NYU, and works at the university bookstore.By the end of the movie Pattinson earned my respect as an actor and his supporting cast was pretty good as well.The movie gets a bit slow at times, especially for fans of Twilight movies, but if you are patient, and pay attention to the characters they will draw you in and time will fly. A romantic drama set in New York City during the summer of 2001, where Tyler, a rebellious young man, meets Ally through a twist of fate.Her spirit helps him heal after a family tragedy, though soon the circumstances that brought them together threaten to tear them apart.

Tyler spends the night with Ally, and they reveal they love each other after making love. He calls Tyler to let him know this, and explains that he will be late.

Neil's partner recognizes Tyler with Ally on a train, so Neil breaks into Tyler's apartment, and confronts him.

Tyler provokes Neil by confessing to Aidan's plan and his initial reason for meeting Ally, which forces Tyler to confess to Ally. Aidan visits Ally at her father's home to explain that he is to blame, and Tyler is in love with her.

Tyler accompanies his sister back to school, and when her classmates tease her for her new haircut, Tyler turns violent, and ends up in jail.

Charles is impressed that Tyler stood up for his sister, and they connect.