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I also created a 2nd private section where there are transcripts of some of my interactions with girls online, and you can see REAL LIFE examples of how I game them and get them on the phone and to the bedroom.

You can go there right now and copy / paste stuff directly to your profile that works!

Read this: How to Talk to Girls – Seven Essential Tips. Instead of reading a novel-like length profile, they’d rather browse through short yet concise, fun and confident descriptions.

In short, you need to stick with brevity and creativity to get their attention. Just make sure you present your self in the best way possible using the least number of words. Since Internet took place, a lot of people have found love online.

Consequently, it solidified online dating websites’ status as an excellent platform for opposite sex to get to know each other wherever in the world they are.

But as much as online dating is the new norm, what women want since the beginning of age never really changed.

Up to that point, I had been on this particular dating site for a few months and had only gotten a handful of replies, and only a couple worth even replying to, using a profile I created myself, and thought was pretty good.What every company does now, you sign up for some special and they mail you some shit.Weeks or even MONTHS later a few DVDs show up, some CD’s, maybe you got a lame e-book.They still want honesty, integrity, humor and a responsible man to make them happy.And those things are what you need to reflect on your profile in order to cinch a date or two.