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He later transferred to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and began to seriously develop his craft — he also dropped his given name in favor of the Anglo-sounding Edward G. He found the post-graduation job market thin, but eventually talent won out, and by 1915 he was a working actor.

In the late twenties Broadway lacked air conditioning, so Robinson spent his summers in traveling shows or otherwise looking for work.

Theirs is the quintessential story: unable to afford passage for all at once, they saved their pennies and sent one family member at a time.

Goldenberg would arrive last, along with his younger brother, his mother, and his grandmother.

So with his wife’s blessing he signed the deal and returned to California.

Mervyn Leroy’s landmark 1930 film Little Caesar wasn’t Robinson’s first for Warner Brothers.

He retreated to New York fed up with Hollywood, only to find Hal Wallis waiting for him — Warner Bros.

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During high school he campaigned for mayoral candidate William Randolph Hearst; and said of the experience, “I cannot report with total candor that it was solely passion over the issues that led me to stump for Hearst; additionally, there must have been mixed up in it my delight at standing on a soapbox and addressing an audience.” Goldenberg left high school with a growing fascination with acting and enrolled at the City College of New York, where he joined the dramatic society and discovered Broadway.He suffered from imperfections that led him to make foolish decisions that resulted in tremendous personal grief: He was naïve, incautious, and overly trusting.He cared — perhaps too much — about his image and what people thought of him.He played a vice baron in a forgettable picture called The Widow from Chicago before Wallis offered him the part of Rico.Little Caesar was an immediate smash — Robinson had created the definitive screen gangster, making him a national sensation.