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Psst: Quantities are limited, so a call ahead to reserve your duck is worth the trouble.If you’re still hungry—not likely, as the duck dinner serves four—order deeply flavorful Cully’s nearly wait-free brunch spot excels at super-homey Belgian liege-style sourdough waffles, crisp edges weighted down with macerated berries or caramelized apples (depending on the day) and a golden flood of butter.street burgers are messy pockets of awesome—although “burger” is a bit of a misnomer.Danwèi’s lamb variant, braised with cumin and chiles, and topped with herby Asian salad, is essentially a drippy-wonderful pot roast caught between a pair of chewy, griddled dough rounds.You could share it—or, better yet, portion out the leftovers for two or three fantastic workday lunches.

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Not too soft and not too hard, it holds up to cheese while keeping both crackle and bounce.

Wash it down with a Singha on draft—weekday happy hour starts at p.m., wink wink.

From the Steve Zissou portrait above the bar to the deep sea critter print that papers the walls, this Clinton boîte is a convivial delight, wooing dinner guests with highbrow riffs on local seafood.

The perfectly simmered chicken and vinegary, garlicky sauce need no adornment, just enough rice to soak up the liquid so no drop goes uneaten.

For a shot of color, though, end the meal with ice cream–topped halo halo shaved ice, or pick up a pink-wrapped bath bomb by the register.