Dry drunk and dating

Indeed, Churchill often reflected that he was taught by his father “to have the utmost contempt for people who get drunk.” Perhaps a more interesting question about Churchill’s drinking habits is what kinds of things he actually enjoyed drinking.

His tastes might be thought of as unsurprisingly old-fashioned.

Churchill often drank brandy in the evening after dinner and when he visited the White House for Christmas in 1941, President Roosevelt instructed his wife to make sure they were stocked up on brandy.

Churchill reportedly said that the four essentials of life were “Hot baths, cold champagne, new peas and old brandy”. He was fond of saying that a glass lifts the spirits and sharpens the wits - but “a bottle produces the opposite effects.” Yet of all champagnes, his favourite was Pol Roger.

Winston Churchill's bibulous meals and tendency to keep a whisky going through the day are legendary.

Yet most historians agree that Churchill’s supposed abuse of alcohol is a myth; he was no alcoholic.

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