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Republished New York 1810, possibly Philadelphia 1808, 1810, , and apparently Philadelphia 1815.

In May 1758 he married Miss Sybilla Myners (spelled Minors in ' Elocution Walker'), a well-known comic actress, and shortly after went to Dublin for the opening of the Cross Street Theatre.

The next edition chronologically was the stereotype.

John Murdoch (1747-1824) in his preface dated 1st May 1809, claims to have received the mantle directly from Walker: ‘Mr Walker did me the honour, a considerable time before his decease, of recommending me as a fit person to edit this Stereotype edition.’ Certainly he was known to Walker, who was a subscriber, albeit posthumously, to Murdoch’s ‘Dictionary of Distinctions’, published in London in 1811 by Longman, Law et al.

In 1774 he published ‘A General Idea of a Pronouncing Dictionary of the English Language, on a Plan Entirely New’, but the dictionary itself did not appear until 1791, by which time he had also published ‘A Dictionary of the English Language, answering at once the purposes of Rhyming, Spelling, and Pronouncing.

On a Plan not hitherto attempted.’(1775, the 1st Edition of the Rhyming Dictionary and still in print), ‘The Elements of Elocution’(1781), ‘A Rhetorical Grammar’(1785) and ‘The Melody of Speaking’(1787).