Double dating meaning

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God wants us to remember His power and He give us security and peace by His angels.I feel like its a calling for you to step up to the challeneges your going to face and the hard times. Im just searching site by site to help me "soul search." I came across arithomancy that lead me to calculating my life path numbers and it calculated to 21.I see the number when things get hard or when new opportunity shows itself.definition show that you have clairvoyance and it is somethings to do with the moon for sure and it proe that it as to do with a timing moon is the to explain time,arch and angel someone is trying to connect to also seem that persons was working in a mineral mining or somethings close too persons must as die from a heart now that persons want to send you a as to do with full moon and where that persons was born ,cause that persons didnt had a easy life as worked very hard all is life,you must be doing a telephathic connection you welli'm glad i'm not the only one who has been haunted by 21, seriously its getting creepier for me so i decided to find what is 21 supposed to mean so i found all of you guys, so its starts when i was 17, i've seen number 21 everywhere, its not even coincidents at all, its everywhere. My birthday is 09/30/1998 9 (3 0=3) (1 9 9 8=27) (2 7=9) 9 3 9=21 not saying that it means something but it would be cool to being a step closer to figuring out life itself and whats to come.I don't recall how long it lasted, but after a little while, it no longer seemed to be everywhere.I've never had this experience again or with a different number.