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but it’s still a kick to see Spielberg so playful and goofy during the third act “T-Rex attacks San Diego” sequence.Putting neurotic Jeff Goldblum as the “normal” lead might not have been the best idea, but points for casting a young Julianne Moore and a so-skinny Vince Vaughn. The Terminal (2004): A fascinating experiment during Spielberg’s let’s-just-film-it-fast-and-go-go-go period, this whole film is set in a replica of JFK Airport that’s so lovingly put together it’ll make you wish it was the actual terminal.

The movie’s retro-cool sixties settings were a precursor to Mad Men, and Di Caprio’s Abagnale, Jr.

Here’s our ranking of all 29 of Spielberg’s feature films, including , out this week. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008): After four decades cultivating a distinguished and rewarding career, Spielberg decided to sign up for another Indy sequel despite ending the trilogy with its hero literally riding into the sunset. No wonder Spielberg has spent every opportunity since then apologizing. Hook (1991): In some ways, Hook was ahead of its time, pre-dating Hollywood’s current obsession with rebooting and reimagining already existing properties.

But that doesn’t make this cringe-worthy film, which tells the story of a grown-up Peter Pan (Robin Williams in wounded-manchild mode) who has forgotten his true identity and become a cold, heartless lawyer, any more tolerable.

Because I have been thinking about it since last year, these reveals will be even better.

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