Disable automatic updating of email addresses

The column width is equal to the number of hyphens typed between the plus signs.

To add rows anywhere in the table, position the cursor at the end of the row where you want to insert the new row, and then press ENTER.

Only formatting that applies to all the lead-in text is repeated in the next list item.

Formatting that applies to a section of the lead-in text is not repeated in the lead-in text of subsequent list items.

In Outlook the (*) and (_) will remain even after the formatting is applied.

Replaces a double hyphen (--) with an em dash (—); replaces a single hyphen with a space before and after ( - ) with an en dash (–).

Remember that the Auto Format As You Type options are global, so any option you turn off will be turned off in all files in that program.

Word has an Auto Format tab in addition to the Auto Format As You Type tab.

You may have noticed two similar Auto Format tabs in the Auto Correct dialog box, and this can cause some confusion.

The Auto Format command makes the same kinds of changes as those made by Auto Format As You Type settings, but on text that has already been typed.

If you want to format an entire document at once (for example, to replace straight quotes with smart quotes or replace fractions with fraction characters), the Auto Format command can do this.

Note that if you want an em dash do not use any spaces before and after the double hyphen.

Draws a line when you type three consecutive instances of the following characters ~, #, *, -, _, or = on a new line, and then press ENTER.