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The houses were indeed named for their factor.""Boswall Parkway was developed from the east end westwards, with the bit between Boswall Drive and Boswall Terrace being the first to be built, in 1921.

The rest of it wasnt developed until the 30s, first with the Pilton and Crewe Gumley houses on the south side in 1933/4, then with the Wardieburn and Royston Corporation schemes on the north side a few years later.""There is a slight design difference in these Gumleys houses.

The auld heid is letting me down memory wise regarding names.""I served my time as a painter with AC Woods and Son, 114 Pitt St. On finishing my apprenticeship in November 1952 I joined the Argyll's and stayed with them for twenty two years reaching the rank of Warrant Officer."I have never looked back, though now I go home every two years for re-unions. These are the places which had the greatest impact on my life and I assure you the memories are simply wonderful.""I was very interested to read the article posted by Jimmy Letham.

He will not remember me but I also lived at 50 Ferry Road Drive and was the youngest member of the Scott family who lived below Jimmy's mother's home.

I'm not sure if that was run by Gumley or Mactaggart & Mickel ."I began to write down a few of my own to send in but never quite got enough courage to do so!

The recollections of Paul Johnson were particularly relevant and humorous!

"Regarding the discussion about the Shack in Boswall Parkway, Im sure that this was indeed the building between the Embassy Cinema (or the supermarket building in my time) and St Margaret Mary Church.

I helped dad install a similar (but cheaper materials) dividing fence between 14/16 and 10/12 which stretched all the way from the street frontage through to the back boundary onto Crewe Bank houses probably only 40-50 meters but it seemed immense at the time especially painting it!

Never for a moment did I expect to spend my later life living there The stairs to the upper houses were steep and going down was always quickest 2 or 3 at a time while holding the banisters and then leaping the last 4 or 5 onto the landing by the front door hopefully our doormat absorbed some of the noise.

is a photo of my dad, Eric Swanney, minding some of the wildlife in the back green at No16 - probably while I took the photo of my pet rabbit on my Kodak Brownie.

My parents married in 1938 and, though I dont know for sure, I imagine they may have moved directly into Crewe Crescent at that time seeing as they were built in the 1930s.

I'm Looking for any little bit of information to help add detail to our family homes.