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While digital technology has ushered in an explosion of uses for Fourier transforms, it’s a long way from being the only use.

When you imagine a sound or play an instrument it’s much easier to consider the tone of the sound than the actual movement of the air.When this was first done on computers it was found that, for pretty much any picture that isn’t random static, most of the FT is concentrated around the lower frequencies.In a nutshell, this is because most pictures don’t change quickly over small distances (something like “Where’s Waldo?= cos(θ) i sin(θ), you can compress this into one equation: , .There are some important details behind this next bit, but if you expand the size of the interval from [0, 2π] to (-∞, ∞) you get: and Here, instead of C, you have and instead of a summation you have an integral, but the essential idea is the same.