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With time, Diana developed a confidence in her dressing.Her Bellville Sassoon black and white tuxedo dress (pictured on page 11) was regarded as quite subversive, an unusual choice for a princess - not least because the royals didn't wear black: that was for mourning. The designers Eleri spoke to all commented on how charming and charismatic she was and about her "incredible presence".The Princess is wearing a pink suit designed by fashion designer Paul Costelloe (Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images) After her 1981 wedding, Diana became a mould breaker and stepped away from traditional royal styling.There were no tiaras or gloves for the Princess, and she strategically used colour - especially if she knew she would be surrounded by men in black suits and wanted her dress to 'pop' for the cameras.Eleri gives clues and insights to how the girl with the mousy hair - 'Shy Di,' as Fleet Street dubbed her - became an international style icon.

She currently focuses on photographing British celebrities for leading UK weekly magazines.

If they were praised, she wore them time and time again, and that was the case with what she called her "caring wardrobe" - those carefully chosen outfits for her many philanthropic visits to hospitals.

Colour was top of her list to convey approachability and warmth, and one of her all-time favourite dresses was a David Sassoon crepe de chine blue floral dress, an outfit that she wore time and time again because children found it so appealing.

"A number of outfits ended up in charity shops, and we've actually bought items from auction that were disposed of in a black bin bag from Sandringham.

We tracked down the provenance because they were one-offs made specially for Diana," explains Eleri.