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If you want to build your dream life after 60, this community is for you!Over the last several years, I have created thousands of articles and videos on the topics that our community cares about most.

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The questions/comments are designed to (referring to the earlier examples, respectively): A) Get what is due her as a desirable lady being courted by a man B) Confirm your attraction to her above others C) Differentiate you from the jerks D) Know that you’ll seek to understand her and be a better man for her But the desirable woman doesn’t want to broadcast her insecurities, so she hides them through wit and challenge.

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or, simply hang out and talk to other amazing women like you. When I started Sixty and Me, I knew that I wanted to take a different approach to covering my costs.

Every single video course that I create is the result of feedback from women in our community. One of the most frequent questions that I get from our new members is how they can get the most from Sixty and Me.