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Justin, the youngest, is in the army carrying around a history of alcohol and drug abuse.

The family interactions grow increasingly complicated, especially when it turns out the deceased patriarch may have had a daughter, Rebecca (Emily Van Camp), with his mistress Holly (Patricia Wettig).

All of the characters have many layers, and while some obviously get more screentime than others (notably Kitty and Justin), everyone is given a chance to shine. Each actor brings real weight to his or her character and is sure to get noticed within the vast ensemble.

The standout is Sally Field, given the difficult task of being a concerned mother without coming across as insufferable.

Tommy is the head of his own winery and has marital difficulties with his wife Julia (Sarah Jane Morris).

With that in mind, "Brothers and Sisters" is still a strong show.Sarah becomes stressed about everyone else’s problems until she talks and bonds with Brody.This leads her to ask him to give her away at the wedding and give her blessing to his relationship with Nora. It treats most of its scenarios with realism and heart, a credit to well-conceived scripts and remarkable performances.While the stories tend to rely a bit much on secrets and lies to propel some of the more overwrought drama, the actors and characters manage to sell it well.