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So be yourself, be happy, and you'll find that guys will enjoy your company and want to be with you.Learn more about the Art of Attraction Take a moment to visit our website and Get a guy to notice you [ today.

Have you ever wondered why some girls can get guys so easily, while for others the task seems impossible?

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Becoming confident is just a matter of learning how to act confident in certain situations. A genuine, infectious smile instantly creates trust and rapport, and will ensure that you radiate positive energy.

This article will give you some basic but powerful steps to appear confident, make an impression and get that guy to notice you. All it requires are the same social skills you would use with your friends.1. People are always attracted to others with positive energy, and a smile is a signal for guys to advance instead of retreat.2. This doesn't mean you need a fully prepared speech. This is a non-threatening approach, and you'll more than likely get a friendly response.