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In this rollicking ride with a dating coach in the hard-boiled 50 mating scene, there’s at least a laugh a page, and endearing characters too.Jilted Sylvia manages to find herself the perfect first date.Her erudite insight of the dating industry compiled with her sassy, witty persona had me laughing outloud many times over.

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Things take a turn when Sylvia’s ex-husband, becomes a client. This can be a great romantic comedy movie, with delicious content filled with relatable information on how the dating world has changed. And to what extent are they willing to go in order to achieve it.I whizzed through this book and literally had to pry myself away so that I would not devour the whole thing in one sitting even though I wanted to in spite of the fact that my ass had gone numb.Angela Page writes like she's your most fun friend ever!Enjoyable read throughout, including the tongue-in-cheek (I think) dating guide for seniors at the end that includes such advice as: “No sex on the first date (unless you’re terminal).” Suddenly Single Sylvia is a novel written about a 55-year-old woman who begins to run a dating company.She sets some rules and boundaries, and with the help of her friends, it becomes a successful career.