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I had to affirm paternity before my name went on the birth certificate; the hospital clerk advised me, as an unmarried father, to ask for genetic testing, referring knowingly to the “love child.” I spared him the details.Little Blaine was to live in Texas with her mother, and we were to visit each other often.

Blaine’s 86-year-old father, whose values I had thought this might challenge, accepted me as a son; my father was overjoyed by his granddaughter.I would be involved in an ongoing, profound relationship with Blaine that he feared would lethally triangulate our own.I did not know how hard it is to reinvent family, and he could not envision how fulfilling this particular reinvention might be.While I was becoming true to myself, the world changed.What I couldn’t know then was whether I truly wanted children, or whether I just wanted to prove wrong everyone who had pitied me.