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I was hoping you could settle an argument I’ve been having with a friend.I’m trying very hard to mentally move on from all jobs that I apply to, so I never contact a company unless it’s in response to them contacting me first.(So I never ask if they received my application, I don’t follow up after interviews if I haven’t heard back from them by when they say I should hear from them, etc.) I figure that if a company is interested in me, they’ll contact me regardless of if I contact them or not. My friend says that by not contacting companies, especially after I haven’t heard from them after an interview, I’m making myself seem uninterested, bad at communicating or disorganized, and even if they had been interested in me and perhaps got too busy to contact me when they said they would, my apparent disinterest (or bad communication or disorganization) would make them change their mind. The vast, vast majority of employers do not want to receive follow-up phone calls and emails from applicants.If they’re interested in interviewing you, they will contact you.Dave went for the Cioccolato Mousse e Biscotti Coccanti Al Cioccolato and whilst I wasn’t going to go for a dessert, Rebecca suggested the cheese board so I went for that.The portion sizes of the desserts are small so aren’t ideal for sharing but hey, it’s an excuse to get two desserts!

As for the notion that employers will assume that you’re not interested if you don’t follow up, or that you’re disorganized or bad at communicating … The onus really is on the employer to get in touch with you at that point, but if other priorities get in the way and the hiring timeline gets dragged out, there’s nothing wrong with checking in (by email, once) and letting them know that you’re still interested.

Having been to Fratelli before and never been disappointed, I was looking forward to going for my third blind date.

I was meeting my date, Dave straight after work so I have to say, I was a little flustered when I arrived and the lashing rain certainly didn’t help.

Our food arrived relatively quickly and I was very excited to tuck in.

My pizza looked amazing, and it did not disappoint.