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Crimes linked to dating apps such as Tinder and Grindr had an alarming increase in number as shown by the latest report in the UK.The latest data showed that 412 crime cases were recorded in October 2015, which is significantly higher than the 204 that were reported in 2014 and the 55 that were documented in 2013.He encouraged app users who became victims to report the offense and seek support."I would urge those who use online dating apps to be as security conscious as possible and not to share personal data with anyone until they are sure about those they are communicating with," said Cooke.

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Everything in Entropia Universe has real cash value, and the real estate, land and deeds that players invest in are actual investments.Bogota is the most important center of Colombia, both politically and financially and culturally.Bogota is a modern, ever-growing metropolis with high-rise buildings in the center, surrounded by suburbs with mostly low-rise.The numbers are suspected to be even higher since some cases were believed to be left unreported.Andy Cooke, deputy chief constable of Merseyside Police in England, said that the increase in the number of reported crimes was influenced by the increasing popularity of dating apps.