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The actor/character works out a bit, but is most definitely NOT a bodybuilder.

Fair warning: the show has a lot of stupid raunchy (for TV) humor in it. There are some other big guys there too, but I didn't recognize them.I don't know if they'll have speaking parts or are just there as props. Lol @ them filming the show in their own house to lower production costs and then they state in an interview halfway through season 1 how annoying it is to have cameras all over them where they're trying to live everyday.But any time I talk to Chris about it, he seems not only uninterested, but downright irritated. ” He’s home for dinner and bedtime with the kids when he has to work late, which is awesome. He leaves work for a couple hours to come help me get them fed and in bed, but then he has to be back up at work for tech rehearsals.“This is a really hard time to get away,” or “We don’t really have the money right now.” But, you know, it’s a weekend. And while it’s great that he can come home and help with the kids, what about me? But how can I complain about that when he’s doing just enough to say he’s doing enough? Now, I realize that Chris can’t always get home for those lessons. He is dependable, and that builds a great reputation in business, which means a lot of things get put on Chris because people know he’ll take care of it. But struggling with how to communicate needs with him now. Maybe it’s that every seven years, your communication style needs to change and some couples just don’t know how to do that.