Dating with warts

The views expressed by the speaker during this event are those of the speaker and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the sponsor. The spur is a reactive zone that occurs due to the chronic stretching of the fascia. If indeed you have spurs on other places, it is usually reactive due to some repetitive force.

These types of problems can be helped with anti-inflammatory medication, modification of shoes, orthotic devices, and other treatments specific to your doctor. A simple wall push up type of stretch, can help stretch the calf muscles. It's important to note that when performing any activity or exercise that stretching is important, and you should stretch your whole body.

Moderator: Can you please tell us more about orthotic devices? There are various different devices that could be made, and there are devices for different activities.

The specific device would be at the discretion of your physician.

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There is a good book on the subject called Aching Souls and Painful Toes, and the author is a layperson who has peripheral neuropathy, and does a great job of talking about the different causes and treatment options available for this condition.rosie2000_webmd: I have problems with ingrown toenails on my big toe. There is a relatively simple surgical procedure that can be done in a podiatrist's office, which is that the side of the toenail is removed, the growth center is treated with a chemical, and this should eliminate the recurrent ingrown toenail.I've been told to cut them straight across, but when I do, they go into my toe. This can be done on any of the toes, or any of the sides of the toes, or entire nails can be removed, utilizing this procedure.A custom made pair of orthotic devices may alleviate discomfort.Additionally, one with this problem should seek medical advice, as there may be a specific cause for the pain rather than just a general type of pain. Mauser: Orthotic devices are usually a custom made device inserted into the shoe that is made from a mold of a patient's foot, that will control abnormal motion, provide support, and accommodate specific problems.