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Do note that the chart below is very approximate at best.

Vintage serial numbers are much more difficult to accurately date than the letter prefix serial numbers.

For an explanation and breakdown of different Rolex country codes, please refer to the next section on Rolex country codes.

Note the USA warranty card is in English, and lists the serial number (partially blotted out), model number, Rolex bracelet reference number, and dial design.

The first and most obvious is on the Rolex bracelet clasp, seen below.After 23 years of using this system, Rolex abandoned the letter prefix system and switched to the new scrambled/random serial number system in 2010.This style serial number contains 8 digits of a mixture of alphabet letters and Arabic numerals, making it impossible to date your Rolex without examining the warranty card issue date.As Rolex does not publish its serial number age information, and we are not affiliated with Rolex in anyway, this is merely a helpful chart we have to approximate production date.Use this chart as an excellent way to gauge a tight window of production date for your vintage Rolex timepiece.