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Meaning, you're signing off right when most ladies are just getting started. The stats don't lie, so it might be worthwhile to jot down that brilliant first message when you think of it-- and stay up past your bedtime to pull the trigger on sending.

A real girl's take: This was one of the first messages that I saw when I signed on, and we kept the conversation going (but I'll spare you the details).

A real girl's take: Not only did he hit the right word count here, but this message also gives me a flavour of what his personality is like.

Immediately poking fun at the message you're sending takes the pressure out of the whole situation--and giving just enough without going overboard, word count-wise makes this an effective first message.

Your mind might be at it's peak for writing clever messages in the morning, afternoon or even early evening.

But according to Zoosk's data, the best time of day to message a lady is between pm and 11 pm. Peak online dating hours for women are between 10 - 11 pm--but men typically sign off earlier, and use the site most from 9 - 10 pm.

All of the above can involve a lot of trial and error--adding to the time suck that is online dating.

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A real girl's take: To be honest, this guy's profile initially caught my eye because he's showing off major arm muscle--but not in a douchebag, mirror-selfie type of way that makes me think he's too into himself. Sure, we all have our unique hobbies and attributes, which can make figuring out what to say in that little "about me" bubble feel kind of impossible.

He's just being sort of accidentally hot, in the great outdoors, with a casual zebra grazing in the background--which also makes me think that he enjoys doing things other than pounding drinks at a bar. Good news from the researchers at Zoosk: There are a few simple words that attract more matches, which you can easily weave into that write-up.

For example, using the word "laugh" in your profile will earn you more messages--whether you love to laugh or you're the guy who makes everyone laugh (or both).

Another word to consider using is "honest," since the same study found that people who describe themselves this way in their profile also get messaged more.

Maybe you're really into Cross Fit or running or biking.