Dating the time of origin of major clades boards online dating

While disagreeing on many other aspects of passerine systematics and evolution, most ornithologists of the 20th century agreed that the Passeriformes is one of the youngest avian orders.

This study provides a time-scale for the evolution of the major clades of passerines using seven nuclear markers, five taxonomically well-determined passerine fossils, and an updated interpretation of the New Zealand split from Antarctica 85–52 Mya in a Bayesian relaxed-clock approach.A monophyletic clade containing Silesaurus and similar forms is well supported as the sister taxon to Dinosauria.Pterosaurs are robustly supported at the base of the avian line.Renewed interest in early archosaurs has led to nearly a doubling of the known taxa in the last 20 years.This study presents a thorough phylogenetic analysis of 80 species-level taxa ranging from the latest Permian to the early part of the Jurassic using a dataset of 412 characters.