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If you are a resident of PEI you are eligible for a PEI Health Card.

You are considered a resident of PEI, if you: PEI Health Cards must be renewed every five years.

Contact Health PEI to register for a PEI Health Card.

You will have to provide proof of Canadian citizenship or confirm your status in Canada with the Department of Immigration.

Your health card contains an 8-digit number called your Personal Health Number (PHN).

It also includes other important information such as your name, birth date, sex and expiry date.

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If you are traveling outside Canada, your PEI Health Card will cover you for emergency or sudden illness health care services.For example, if you arrive July 4, you will be eligible on October 1.You may be eligible on the first day you become a permanent resident.However, you will still be covered by your former province of residence for the first three months.PEI coverage will begin on the first day of the third month following the date you become a permanent resident.