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Alleged serial cannibal Dmitry Baksheev used dating sites to recruit women who he and his wife then killed and ate, it is claimed.

Wife Natalia Baksheeva has told police the gruesome family had at least 30 victims over 18 years, and it is feared she fed human meat to student pilots in the military academy where she was a nurse, according to reports in Russia.

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National Immunobiological Company (state-owned corporation Rostech) signed an agreement with Italian Kedrion on the establishment of a joint venture on the bases of the Kirov complex and on transfer of technology as well as on the purchase from Belarus Farmland of a share in the Minsk enterprise producing human plasma preparations.A local shopkeeper remembers him coming to top up his mobile and walking away with blood dripping from a cooler bag he was carrying.Natalia was fired as a nurse because of her drinking habit, according to reports.He said: 'I lost my phone.''I recognised him from the pictures in the phone.'So I did not return the phone, we said we knew nothing.He left.'Soon a road police car came passed, and I gave them the mobile phone.'I said: "It's your job, sort it out".'Police have established that Baksheev was an orphan from Siberia who was adopted by a childless couple.