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Urdu is the second widely spoken and hence the co-official language of Andhra.

English, Hindi, Banjara are few of the other main languages spoken in the state.

Till date, the state sent 60 members to the Indian national parliament, 11 to the Rajya Sabha (upper house) and 25 to the Lok Sabha (lower house).

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The new state came into existence from 2 June 2014 as the 29th state of India, after the President of India's approval.The northern part of the state is formed of the Telangana region, while the southern portion of the state is identified as Rayalaseema.The Rayalaseema and the Telangana region are delimited by River Krishna.The state has a total area of 160,205 kilometer square and the density of population is 343 per square kilometer.As per the 2011 data, the total literacy rate in the districts of Andhra stands at 67 per cent.