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The drink is loved worldwide, and celebrities such as Kevin Bridges and Ryan Tubridy have been spotted drinking it, so you’ll be lucky if she brings you some back.6.

If she says something was a ‘handlin’ she’s had a really bad day A handlin’ is used in Donegal when something is a nightmare of an experience.

The province contains counties Antrim, Armagh, Cavan, Donegal, Down, Fermanagh, Londonderry, Monaghan and Tyrone.

One of Ireland’s most incredibly beautiful counties, it boasts rugged landscapes and Atlantic views, and was even voted the ‘coolest place on the planet’ thanks to National Geographic.

She doesn’t personally know Daniel O’ Donnell Although Daniel O’ Donnell is the county’s treasure, chances are she doesn’t know him personally.Star Wars came to film there, football special is made there, and the locals have an accent that will brighten up any trip.If a girl from Donegal is ‘foundered’ you better know that she’s really cold.‘Brave’ doesn’t always mean courageous Brave in Donegal doesn’t always mean audacious, daring or fearless, so don’t get too excited when she says it.Brave has a different meaning up in the hills, as another way of saying something is far.