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At the moment, Aste takes on clients all across the globe, but only in English.

With new dating apps hitting the market every week, our appetite for swiping our way to love shows no sign of abating.

Julie Nashawaty was a couple of days away from a first date with a man who, according to their online dating profiles, she had a 92 per cent compatibility match with.

“We instantly connected, texted incessantly, and became Snapchat friends,” she said.

It’s not as simple as some online dating services claim it is.

“Business has been steadily increasing as more people find out that there’s a people driven solution,” Nashawaty told And often, people go to Aste when they already suspect something: “We’ve had a lot of feedback that their gut feeling matched up with the information we provided back to them,” Nashawaty says.“We find out every place your partner is online,” Nashawaty explains.“We deliver social media profiles, sex offender status, major arrests, and then any other mention of your date online.And with that in mind, perhaps in a few years running background checks on your matches could be the norm.“Everyone deserves to have someone to turn to to help them in their quest for love,” says Nashawaty.