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I would guess that there are lots of slang words in particular that don't quite carry the same flavour or meaning of the English original.I don't think there is an English word that can't be translated into any other language, but specific examples for specific languages abound.My (German) friend Marianne had to admit there is no normal equivalent in German for the self-referring equivalent of our word "Anglophile" to mean a lover of German or Germany.

That anecdote about George W Bush tells you everything you need to know about linguistic borrowing and lexical equivalences across languages.Let’s try it with the homepage for the city of Paris. Look for a button on the web page to switch the language Since English is a very commonly used language, many foreign language websites also have an English version available.You just have to find the button to switch the language.My Spanish girlfriend and I speak a hybrid of English and Spanish in which we automatically use the word which best expresses the meaning we want to communicate.Often this involves using one word in Spanish where English would require several words in order to express the same idea, and vice versa. The dictionary may give us approximate translations of words, but we must interpret these according to our own experience.