Dating site for ravers

With EDM making headway into mainstream conversations, it was only a matter of time before we’d see something like, a new dating site for all you single ravers.

Mind you, in 2013, a strong Twitter game could get you in the bed of any raver you desire, but for those who might not be that chill, has you covered.

After 15 minutes of ice-breaking EDM coquetry, any lingering butterflies were gone.

If I was never associated with EDM, and I didn’t live this lifestyle, then ...

So, Ioia, along with his girlfriend and co-founder Kelly Mc Call, post submissions from ravers to Instagram that include a bio and a photo; interested followers of Single Ravers' Instagram account (of which there are 11,200 followers and counting) do the schmoozing from there.

Ioia, who cites Correnti and Tucker as Single Ravers' "biggest success story," says he's received 2,088 requests internationally since launching; 33 of those come from Pennsylvania.

You can register for a free account, which nets you the ability to upload pictures, create a profile, and go hunting for party kids that are looking to get their freak on.

In 2013, there are dating sites for damn near everything: farmers, Christians, old people, and many other demographics.In case you’ve lost something, it might’ve been turned in by someone (or we found it while cleaning up). THE JAARBEURS IS LOCATED NEXT TO UTRECHT CENTRAL STATION, MAKING IT VERY EASY TO REACH BY TRAIN.FROM THE CENTRAL STATION, FOLLOW THE SIGNS THAT READ ‘JAARBEURSPLEIN’. Queue system during the Early Raver ticket sale There was a queue system.Correnti, 28, met his girlfriend, Elizabeth Tucker, through Single, a raver-specific dating site that's not unlike Farmers Only in its niche-like nature.Correnti says he was intrigued by the site's targeted focus.