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Your Ideal Match: Pisces Gemini’s ideal partner is someone who knows how to read her mind.Because she is so indecisive all the time, having someone around who can help her choose between takeout or going out is a godsend.Taurus should also date someone who will let her cook for them.Being a lover of food herself, nothing says “happiness” to a Taurus than cozying up with a movie and a homemade meal.

This means taking her out to nice restaurants and even nudging the person next to you in line at the movies and saying cute things like, “can you believe she’s with me?)Keep reading to find out who your zodiac sign should date (and which complimentary sign is the perfect match for YOU)...Aries should date someone who always says “yes” to whatever she has planned.Her ideal partner is someone who is both romantic (when she wants to do some seriously gross make out sessions) and eager to try something crazy (like hang gliding or rock climbing).She might not say it, but Libra wants to try everything at least once.