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Altogether they had an authorized capital of P893.4 million when they were registered.The President and his family had shares of P121.5 million with a paid-up capital of P58 million when the companies were formed.This complaint is filed pursuant to the provisions of Article XI (Accountability of Public Officers), Sections 2 and 3 of the Philippine Constitution. " "That from November 1998 to August 2000, respondent has received P10 million a month as bribery from jueteng lords as protection money channeled through Luis C. He filed his Statement of Assets and Liabilities for the year 1999, stating therein that he and his wife and children have business interests in only three (3) corporations.Complainants are Filipino citizens, of legal ages, and with addresses above mentioned and may be served with summons and other processes through their counsel, Atty. Singson, provincial governor of Ilocos Sur as may be seen from his affidavit dated September 14, 2000 (Annex "A" hereof)."President Joseph E. The President by that sworn statement also committed perjury and the offense of unexplained wealth because records show that he and his wife and mistresses and their children have other interests in other companies outside of the firms listed in his Statement of Assets and Liabilities. Barely two months after assuming office in 1998, the President referred to the Philippine Gaming and Amusement Board (Pagcor) the application for an online bingo of Best World Gaming and Entertainment Corp.Again, the President defended him instead of letting the law take its course.He appointed Cecilia de Castro, a cousin, as presidential assistant, although he disclaimed knowing her in the wake of the textbooks scam in 1998 (Annex "G" hereof). Pimentel, as director of Pagcor (Annex "H" hereof). In fact, I dropped out of college to enter the movies.

But records show that during his tenure as President, he focused mainly on the participation in business for himself, his family and friends.

The act of the President violated his solemn oath of office to execute the law.

He obstructed justice because he intervened with the duties of a public servant who was investigating transactions as a quasi judicial officer pursuant to the mandate of the law. When his son Jinggoy Estrada got into trouble with some doctors and personnel at the Cardinal Santos Memorial Hospital in July 30, 1999, the President defended him instead of letting the law take its course (Annex "F" hereof). When another son, Jude Estrada, flew government plane to Cagayan de Oro at government expense, he also got into trouble, leaving the hotel where he stayed without paying the bills worth more than P60,000.

During my time, the only one who can enter the movies were the “half-breed” or . I was reluctant to run for mayor, because at the time, I was already earning about P150,000 per picture, and the salary of the mayor is only P5,000 a month. She didn’t want an Ejercito becoming a movie actor.

I did not follow the dream that all of us will have a college degree.