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In order to diversify he dreamed of a better guitar and in 1964 a small team of aerospace engineers started work. [Source: Ovation ] Dating Ovation guitars by serial number your Ovation model decoder rev5See Ovation guitars website From the top guide above you can see that my Breadwinner (photo below) is E 4 numbers – was made between Jan 1973 and Feb 1975.

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Handcrafted in Ovation’s Custom Shop located in New Hartford, Connecticut, the Glen Campbell Signature Model features Seventies vintage-style electronics to recreate the identical guitar tone of Campbell’s original six-string.

This highly affordable Celebrity model boasts the Elite style multi-soundhole design. This USA-Made Adamas 2098-GCF is Ovation's impressive take on the carbon fiber/graphite acoustic guitar.

These materials are much more robust than ordinary tonewoods, but Ovation makes sure that they are...

The shallow bowl is extremely durable and maintains the outstanding string-to-string balance of original Ovation designs.

This diminutive depth provides extraordinary playing comfort ideally suited to smaller players and those who prefer a slim-profile instrument.