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They're probably actually more attractive than me and, depending on what time of my life it was, some more slutty. I will make it clear to a guy how I feel about him - so I don't think guys sit around and wonder if I'm into him or not.But I knew of the women before and after being "let go" and even before I was passed over for them, I thought to myself "huh, those chicks are needy." Two guys even came out and said it - "I love her cuz she needs me." Er, ok. But these chicks were the type to call 7 times a day crying about their boyfriends, needed to borrow money, needed another ride to the ER, needed the guy to work on their house, needed to be picked up from work, needed to be taught how to use a computer, needed .... I am super-interested in whomever I'm dating and super caring.If self-sufficient shades into "I could take you or leave you", well a lot of guys need a little more encouragement than that. From your OP this doesn't sound like something you're doing, but I thought I'd mention it for completeness. I've also noticed that damsel rescuing is a compensating mechanism for the guy thinks "I'm really not so hot, but I can redeem my low self esteem by carrying this woman who'll look up to me and make me feel big".Not that he'd actually have that thought in plain English, but that's what's really going on in his head below the conscious level.So if you keep getting dumped by guys who go off on rescue missions, maybe you're aiming to low on the food chain.What attracts me to the women I like is a laid-back personality, a love for music, and intelligent conversation. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Oh, I can. Moreover, I've witnessed the phenomenon; usually, it's a needy man who needs to feel important.

It happens to everyone, my mind is racing, and I want to know if I am missing the big picture.

When I read the term "needy woman" in the thread title, I picture a woman who calls on the phone her significant other 12 times a day just to chat and/or insists on having very frequent attention by other means.

However, you defined "needy woman" basically in terms of one who needs financial support. I'm not against the idea of entering a new relationship and helping out the lady, but her needing my support would not at all be a source of attraction to me.

Whatever you do, don't try to play needy; it'll come off false to him & you'll hate yourself for acting like a loser.

My wife has a doctorate, plays hockey & teaches boxing.