Dating my bosss daughter

I woke up around 10 o'clock later that night to the sound of the phone ringing next to the bed. "There's going to be a reading of the will tomorrow after the wake and you will need to be there," Madeline informed me. Duncan had left Sarah under my guardianship and the f****y was okay with that since they all lived very hectic lives. I went to lay back down and Sarah interrupted my thoughts.

I had to reach over Sarah's sl**ping body to get the reciver. Duncan was involved in an accident and died instantly and that her mother had been checked into Clearview Psychiatric Hospital. "Is everything okay, Cher," came the innocent voice beside me.

I lay back and she straddled my face slowly lowering her body onto mine.

She rocked back and forth over my face spreading her wet pussy over my face and getting really heated about it.

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She worked it in and out lasciviously working up a great rythm and more wetness.I reached around her waist and ran my hand down until it was beneath her panties and creeping for her slit.She cooed as my middle finger slid over her clit and she sighed as I gently pressed down."Oh yeah," Jessica moaned as I played her delicately. She latched onto my clit and hummed as she began to work her fingers into her own pussy.I held her head and she hummed hore vibrating my clit until it was beyond sensitive.