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If you’re an avid fan of various rock iterations all the way up to heavy metal, or anything in-between, then you are going to like this.

We’re carefully prepared some of the top distortion pedals on the market, ranging from new modernized iterations to classic remakes.

The controls by themselves provide extremely varying refinement choices, which guarantee remarkable end results and a continuously overwhelming feeling.

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Wampler’s Plextortion is a unique piece of work, as always manufactured with care and style, meant to cater to distortion lovers as well as those of you who prefer the famously classic “plexi” sound – which was heavily popularized in the 80’s.

It has 1/4″ in/out jacks, a true-bypass stomp switch, and a 9-volt DC jack.

Controls are for Output, Tone, and Distortion, and there’s a mini-switch labeled Crunch.

The list is rich with variety and types of effects, take your pick and if you’re practicing at home, use them with moderation or you’ll anger some of your neighbors.

When it comes to distortions and overdrives in general, there were certain pedals which had a massive impact on the industry.