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Reply to Anonymous | 1 comment (hide) Marriage is between two people, and it's private to a large extent. I got sent to me 'mad people' from the psychiatrists. ts a bit like this with marriage, 'do you love me, who I am, or only who you want me to be? it turned her on and she told me who she was, and it came alive. WHat we do is out business, why would I want to tell a bunch of strangers? I wouldn't recommend what we do to anyone, because it's just an expression of us.What the patients wanted to know was 'did I like them'... Most of them to start with told their story to provoke me to dislike them ('like everyone else'). once i heard their stories I realised how much they'd suffered and their symptoms made sense, I came to admire the way they'd coped, and got to like them... Don't worry what others do or don't do or what is normal, don't be afraid of what turns you on, be truthful with yourself and with you woman, ad if she doesn't like what she hears you are with the wrong woman. Enjoy the life we've been given, live a true life, and don't waste your time writing about what you feel want or think on this sort of medium, tell your partner, and live out your truth together in private! We started todo this a few yrs ago with a lot of fun,even swinging and 3soms. Reply to Louis | 1 comment (hide) My wife, with my approval and encouragement, has sex with other men.Many couples today are exploring what are known as non-monogamous sexual relationships and life-styles.Such as open marriages, polygamy, ethical slut-hood etc.What is important is that you and your wife discuss this openly and honestly and clearly negotiate what would work best for the two of you and set up an agreement which includes the rules that you both come up with in setting up such a relationship.It is important that you both fully consent to whatever agreement you set up and that one is not being pressurised into it.

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Reply to Anonymous | 1 comment (hide) Too all you guys who find it a turn-on for your wifes to have sex with other men, I was one who like to watch and to hear about her nights out!!But then desided to find a "boy friend" As time went on she start spending more time with him. Take to various places,even a week vacation to top hotels. It has added to our own level of sex which has never been better.We have been doing this for several yeaars now, sometimes together and other times she is alone after we get to know the guy.But what happens when she has a steady b/f as weeks turn into months she can fall in LOVE with this guy! Womens hormones are different then ours and if he spending special times with her like taking her out on dates,it might get to the point were she is spending more fun time with him then with you!!!I have to say that my wife has slept around and I have found it to be a huge turn on for our relationship.