Dating makeover

There the they were—the stares, the winks, the head-to-toe evaluations—all that unnecessary sexual attention I had shaken off at the same time that my confidence had learned to exist independently.

All her BFFs had already got themselves a boyfriend.Only three of them turned out to be presentable, prompting a newfound appreciation for Kim and her ability to look camera-ready at all times.As only happens in New York, at that moment a group of young models walked by.While it felt good to be noticed by a demographic that normally deems me invisible, I probably could have gone without.The hotel bar inside was packed, which turned out to be no obstacle for the Kim K. Four men immediately stepped aside to allot me a generous stretch of bar space, a courtesy I had to pay for by price of blatant ogling, a fresh reminder of that animalistic male side that is so easy to avoid when one is dressed in a blouse and a pair of jeans.