Dating lost damned

GTA has always starred men doing bad things, but all of the other lead characters were likeable in some way.

Johnny and Niko's stories intersect both directly and indirectly throughout.

This is significant, because almost everything Rockstar did with L&D makes the experience better, but none of it can be brought into GTA IV.

The story begins with Billy's release and resumption of duties as head of the gang.

This naturally leads to a conflict as Billy looks to dive nose-first into the drug trade while Johnny wants The Lost to be smarter about how it handles its business.

If you loved Niko and his friends, then you may end up hating Johnny.

It's not that what he does is out of bounds for a GTA character, but this is probably the first time Rockstar has had me do something bad to a character I cared about. Whether it's the weak subplot featuring Johnny's sometimes-girlfriend Ashley or the main plot focusing on Johnny and Billy's fractured friendship; nothing feels fully developed.