Dating like a french woman

“Perhaps a petit chocolate for breakfast, an impromptu dance session à la Anna Karina, or an evening soak in the tub paired with a glass of rosé.” The Chanel-inspired packaging of its skincare products is perfect, nothing more than glass jars and black sans serif type on rectangular white labels.

They’re filled with big pink flakes of bath salts, mint and rosemary body scrub, and shimmery bronzing oil.

And if you thought Americans had perfected the art of ghosting, you might learn that our French counterparts aren’t that much more ethical than we are when it comes to dissing that iffy Tinder match…They’re relatively inexpensive, and therefore seem like a life hack, but aren’t widely accessible, and therefore are to be coveted.For a long time, the Americans most attuned to these products were makeup artists, models, and fashion editors, who could stock up while they were in Paris for Fashion Week.She always felt a strong affinity for France through her Cajun mother, whose ancestors had immigrated to Prince Edward Island from France in the early 1800s and later to New Orleans.Griffin-Grimes herself didn’t travel to France until middle age; the trip served as a celebration of her son’s high school graduation, and a mission to locate her distant French relatives. “I never understood why I loved aesthetics and beauty so much,” she says, “but when I got there I was like, now I see.” , a book of knitting patterns that took inspiration from French film and history.