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The only time we ever have sex is when i bring it up, she NEVER in the course of our relationship has ever initiated sex, asked for it or even told me she was ever horny! Find it in you to go home, throw that shit up against the wall.

she looks amazing and sexy the day of her wedding, her husband is hot!!

Not sure if this is the right place to post this, if it is not feel free to direct me to the correct place.

I have been living in Mexico for quite sometime now both in Cancun and PDC and I'm having trouble finding any gay community really.

When you first get with someone, sex needs to be talked about!

I've tried herbs, drugs, you name it but no good results..

I've searched online for groups and looked for lesbians clubs and nothing. So I decided to create a Facebook group called Lesbians of Playa Del Carmen/Cancun, Mexico.

In the hopes that I can create a large enough community to eventually hold meet ups and big events. Not sure if this is the right place to post this, if it is not feel free to direct me to the correct place.

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Ever since we have been onto progressives and feminists destroying the white race by destroying the Christian family unit through Hollywood, jewish intellectuals, they try to distract us by going after other races. So they used the gay Milo from Brietbart to try to subvert everyone into hating Muslims and Mexicans instead of going after feminists. If Jews are successful, we'll all have to learn Chinese soon.Our sex has always been good and enjoyable but I am at my wits end. I am attractive, intelligent, accomplished woman and I feel so lonely in my marriage. but I tell her all the time that I need to be able to talk about sex with her. She should see a gynaecologist and see if there is anything physically wrong. I have spoke to her several times about this and it always turns into an argument because she takes it as she's not good enough for me or always tells me "go be with someone else that can fuck you the way you want". She says she's sorry, that she's a prude and feels embarrassed talking about sex..she doesn't have a high sex drive etc. She said at one time she'd like me to be more physical, however I have a hard time being physical and since I'm a submissive and she is a dominant without being able to first at least talk about sex! How can we discuss this and move forward in our sexual lives? Throw a tongue down her throat then force her head down to put some work in. 100% correct, I am straight and I have had problems with sex drive due to hormones and endometriosis, she might very well have something like that....