Dating kalush

In 1940, the Soviets forced inhabitants of Kalush to leave the town and forcefully moved them to Siberia, many of whom were people of various nationalities: Poles, Ukrainians and others.Then, in late 19, majority of Kalush's Jewish inhabitants were murdered by the Germans.In the Second Polish Republic, Kalush/Kalusz was the seat of a county in Stanislawow Voivodeship.Following the 1939 Invasion of Poland, the town was annexed by the Soviet Union.

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Recently several renovations took place of several local temples such as the Temple of All Saints of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Kiev Patriarchate), the Catholic Saint Valentine Church, and the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church of Saint Nicholas.Until the mid-16th century Kałusz was part of Halicz Land, Ruthenian Voivodeship.It was known for producing malt, its brewery and salt mining, and was royal village, where in 1469 King Kazimierz Jagiellonczyk founded a Roman Catholic parish church.Occupied by the Third Reich in 1941 - 1944, it returned to the Soviet Union after the war.During World War II the residents of the city witnessed many ethnocides.