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Beware of the phrase ‘ Want to read about real life dating in the Eternal City?

You can find my ramblings on this subject in How to Flirt and Compliment in Italian and in What’s it Really Like to Date an Italian or in What to Cook an Italian Lover.

The move of taking a girl home to mamma is not to be undervalued.

Some Italian boys will profess their love, swear you’re the only one but hide you from their parents and close friends because ultimately you’re nothing but a foreign fling and they don’t want probing questions from their family about their intentions with ‘that girl you brought home for pasta’.

Moving Festa with a Side of Famiglia Then there are those who organise a series of events so that you go from day at the beach straight to an aperitivo, on to dinner, then a rooftop party and then dancing.

These guys get an A for organisation and Rome is made for these types of multi-location dates where swimming merges organically into dancing over aperitivo anyway.

They have the behaviour and lifestyle of a 26-year-old boy, the cash flow and connections of a man twice that age, yet the immaturity and fear of commitment present in Peterpan guys who have never had a real relationship.

They can be fun if you feel like being spoilt but dull conversationalists when you realise everything is tainted by their everpresent fear of growing old and settling down.

One kind of man that has mystified many women are Italian men.Diehard Dinner Daters These are almost like the kind above in that they have zeroed in on the poetic image of an Italian guy cooking at home for a foreign girl.Many of them have no idea what they’re doing in the kitchen and are just using mamma’s monthly supply of pasta sauce that they defrosted 20 minutes before you came, however, they get extra points for going to the trouble of cooking and inviting you to their home.Don’t pretend you didn’t come to Rome with the fantasy of falling deeply in love, possibly experiencing the best sex of your life and potentially living happily ever. There’s no judgement here – we’re all practising or recovering Italophiles.In fact, calling this a ‘fantasy’ degrades what is, in my opinion, a brilliant and feasible plan for your time here in Italy. Have fun discovering the answer to this question for yourself.