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Thanks be to Jesus We did what was right, And your maidenhead still Is your pillar of light.

The priests and the friars Approach me in dread Because I still love you My love and you dead, And would still be your shelter From rain and from storm And with you in the cold grave I cannot sleep warm.

Looking for Irish love poems to charm the Celtic heart of your loved one?

Today's fast-paced lifestyle makes it easy to fill your life with activities you find fulfilling.For many people, the perfect partner is a missing piece that ties life together.With so much to do, though, finding the right man or woman can be a bit of a challenge.Glad to be out of her way, Glad to rejoin her in bed, Equally grieved or gay To learn that she’s living or dead.Once the ex-poet Cuirithir And I were lovers; there’s no cure; And I am left to the bear the pain. South of the church there stands a stone Where the ex-poet sat alone; I sit there too at close of day In twilight when I come to pray.