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When well-done, they hint at the intimacy games can create that other media can't reproduce.

Kelly’s accessibility in between sessions is also astonishing.She bills the game as a "lesbian dating sim," and indeed it opens with a dinner date between lesbians, which the player attends hosted at the home of the intimidating, intriguing "Anni." But if the "lonely nerd" sort the designer so dislikes visits her game expecting to find a sultry girl-on-girl romance, their expectations will be quickly subverted.Now as some of you may know, I am also the author of the online comic No Pink Ponies and today, me and Keenspot have started a Kickstarter for the printing of Volume 2 of the book (and for those wondering, yes, you can get volume 1 as well with volume 2, there's a bundle package in there for that), so I would appreciate any support at all by helping me back the kickstarter campaign up.--Eisu Announcing new update days for Sandra on the Rocks and it will be Tuesdays and Fridays, so yeah, update whatever comic strip schedule you have in your heads or organized bookmarks or stuff like that to the new schedule.--Eisu Welcome to Sandra On the Rocks, a new comic starring Sandra, a newbie model who has to learn the ropes of her new unexpected career.