Dating in the dark jimmy

Yet it’s hard to see how the show might stall on significant changes for Jimmy now—and it’s clear that those changes will have tragic dimensions.

But the show, somewhat bafflingly, hit the “undo” button on that epiphany for Season Two, sending Jimmy back into the often-tedious world of corporate and elder law while developing his relationship with his hardworking girlfriend, Kim, and his snooty brother, Chuck.

We also saw the cartel henchman Nacho try to save his father from being pulled into the employ of his vindictive boss Hector—by riskily switching out Hector’s heart medication and waiting for his health to fail.

Rival kingpin Gus Fring applied CPR and called an ambulance when Nacho’s scheme began to work, and now the possibility looms of bloody reprisal for Nacho’s attempt at heroism.

Indeed, in the final moments of the episode, Chuck sat in a room of torn insulation and paper, kicking his table, inching his gas lantern closer and closer to the edge.

It finally fell; from outside the house, we saw the glow of flames in the window.“The big piece of suspense for me is not necessarily just what happened to Chuck, but what’s going to happen to Jimmy when he finds out what’s happened,” the showrunner Peter Gould told remains a cinematically impressive riff on philosophical questions and everyday dilemmas, but its big flaw has been in continually promising some momentous action, some grand transformation, that always feels relegated to the next episode or season.