Dating in the dark hardon

On a dark evening at the close of January 1823, Helen is writing to her husband Tom, in rather purple prose.It sits uneasily on her, but she wants to try out a posh voice, those big funny words the rich people use. Deep in the stormy and dark depthy of the winter of 1823, a woman named Helen writes letter after letter to her husband.As the harsh winter bites, Helen realises it isn't only the world that's changing, it's her.Written by Rob Johnston, winner of The Kings Cross Award for New Writing, and performed by Emma Romy-Jones, recipient of the 2016 Stage Edinburgh Award for Excellence, Dark Satanic explores the challenges faced by a 19th century working woman navigating a rapidly changing world.The moon from the original movie has been colonized, but contact is lost.This time, colonial marines have impressive firepower, but will that be enough?Plus: Freshman Mistakes: “I Totally Put The Armrest Down” Do: Rom-coms and horror movies. Remember the ire that Jerry drew after he and his girlfriend made out during Do: Sit in the most remote, isolated corner of the theater.The back row is best, if lacking for subtlety (i.e.

The local multiplex no longer represents the most cost-effective route to first-base in town, so don’t be the fool who misses his cues and ends up watching a movie on accident.

In hindsight, Mom and Dad must have known exactly what Erica and I were up to when we saw three separate times in seventh grade.

Don’t: See a movie that has just hit theaters and is thus likely to open to a packed house.

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